Well, hello. It’s been half a year since my last post and I really, really want to get this blog moving again. Because it’s been so long, it’s been that much harder to get the words down. Between figuring out where to start back up,  what exactly to say for myself, or if I should just get back into topic as if the last six months of total silence here didn’t happen, it’s been tricky to find my flow.

I sort of lost my writing flow altogether, and have hardly been writing- even for myself lately, aside from scattered journal entries and iPhone notes to help me shake off the heavier days […]

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For the record, I asked james for some help and he wrote me the, “im a f***ing baddie” one 😂 these actually have really helped me in the past so I’m doing them again! Tell me your favorite affirmations!! #affirmations #womensmentalhealth #confidencetips #mentalhealthtips #personalaffirmation

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