A Closer Look at Tolerance

Tolerance is something I’ve wanted to (attempt to) dissect for a long time. First of all, what exactly is tolerance? What do you picture when you hear that word? What feelings or experiences do you associate with it? Is tolerance something in yourself that you desire to have more of or strengthen, or do you […]

Beauty Blog: Headband Wig Review, Thanks to LUVME hair!

First of all, HELLO! Welcome back to the blog, and if you’re new here, I welcome you as well! Either way, so grateful you’re here. We were WAY overdue for a new blog, and a new beauty blog, especially! If you have ever been curious about headband wigs or protective styling, you are in for […]

Challenging Imposter Syndrome: My Testimony, Mindset tips and Affirmations.

I have struggled with Imposter Syndrome since I can remember. I know this because my relationship with my accomplishments has always been and felt complicated. Since childhood, down to the smallest awards, I always felt genuinely in shock and very anxious about receiving recognition. Though I worked very hard within the subjects of my interest, […]

So, You’ve Burned Out. Here’s what you can learn from it.

My story and how this very important blog came about (feel free to skip if uninterested,)  Recently I burned out— and the weirdest thing about it is how sudden and severely it seemed to have happened. I was carrying on how I usually do, (which tends to be a high energy output on its own, […]

Beauty Blog: My Current Skincare favorites

Let’s talk about skin care. It was only a few years ago that I had zero consideration of my facial skin care. Some history: I did have a run in my teenage years with some regular acne, so I experimented with some one-off products and cleansers I saw on TV commercials, typically promoted by the […]

August Blog: Old habits die hard. Reminders and Affirmations.

2021 has been fast and surreal. In 2020, I feel as though many of us were shaken. I experienced some big personal growth shifts- a lot of fundamental beliefs that I had around myself and the world were questioned and then changed, and despite the unfamiliarity, discomfort, and lingering self-limitations I held, I entered 2021 […]

Beauty Blog: Unboxing my premium pixie care kit from Pixie Care Co!

the contents of this blog are in sponsored partnership with pixie care co., however, all opinions are mine! Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a very special post— this is my first ever beauty oriented blog and I’m so excited to say that it is a post that is in […]

What my breakups taught me-

I learned to love myself through adversity. And through loving myself, I have found a sort of love for others, as well. Love in understanding. Love in tolerance. Love in the letting go.  I learned my interpersonal skills by method of crash and burn. I came into young adulthood lonely, confused and broken—daydreaming of romantic […]

Real Luxuries

There is an expectation that has been creeping in on us to provide as much proof as possible that we are doing well. What seems to speak well is luxury designer items, recognizably high ticket possessions, travel & high priced leisure, popularity, and very current representations of beauty. These items support our own sense of […]

The Importance of Stillness: Don’t build a life you are unable to enjoy.

I will endlessly work on myself. For better or for worse, I feel as though I will always be looking for the next repair, the next project. And the better I am, I believe, the better my life will be. I have always been in a hurry to be great, and that’s been a heavy […]

7 “side effects” of self growth.

There is so much beauty in becoming.  The glow that softly illuminates from your deepest center, flows its way through you until it’s pink in your cheeks, glistening in your eyes. The sturdiness in your feet, as you stand firm in your values, and walk tall towards the unknown. The sudden realization of possibility, real, […]

checking in: moving, mindset.

I am sitting here wondering what to bring to you guys this week. I skipped last week, on a count of us moving, and that always is a bit hectic. Last week I did dedicate some time however, and I finally created my self publishing video, where I went over my experience self publishing and […]


Hello babes and welcome back to the anxious gals guide, where I share reminders that help to counteract and disprove anxious, disempowering thoughts. This week I wanted to bring two reminders that directly speak to the way we work. Whether it be your 9-5, entrepreneurial work, personal projects, whatever you have been sinking your teeth […]


Uncertainty is not preferable. Okay, maybe it’s fine when there’s minimal chance of anything going wrong. Like, in a nice restaurant with an amazing dessert menu, you can confidently straighten up with a smirk and say, “surprise me.” Because you know, whether it’s the bread pudding, creme brulee, or tiramisu— you are going to be […]

meeting “the mark.”

How wonderful it has been to spend my twenties online, finding myself, building up, breaking down, changing and changing, all over again, in front of everyone. Just rebranding, if you will. The first half of my twenties were undeniably spent looking outward. Looking outward for guidance, looking outward for an example, looking outward for the […]


Hello and welcome to the party! Thanks for joining me for post one of Anxious Gal’s Guide, which I may refer to occasionally from here as the A.G.G. (Because it sounds cooler, and we’re cool.) Let’s get the formalities covered. You might wonder what the AGG is about and who it is for. Let me start […]


Each day, I look down to see my small breasts where they usually are, the poke of my stomach, and these familiar skinny feet. And I remember it’s not just a dream, it is real, and this is who I am. I am a woman now, and not a new one either. I am twenty-seven, […]


This is me, setting solid footing for new, intentional steps, more honest and moving goals, and a healthy challenge to self. This is a fresh start, prompted by clarity, and to be upheld by the highest levels of self love and discipline I can muster. This is a writer, finding her way (or writing her […]

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