Coming back blog – a genuine spill and life updates

It’s been half a year since my last post and I really, really want to get this blog moving again. Because it’s been so long, it’s been that much harder to get the words down. Between figuring out where to start back up,  what exactly to say for myself, or if I should just get back into topic as if the last six months of total silence here didn’t happen, it’s been tricky to find my flow. […]

A Closer Look at Tolerance

Tolerance is something I’ve wanted to (attempt to) dissect for a long time. First of all, what exactly is tolerance? What do you picture when you hear that word? What feelings or experiences […]

Beauty Blog: My Current Skincare favorites

Let’s talk about skin care. It was only a few years ago that I had zero consideration of my facial skin care. Some history: I did have a run in my teenage years […]

What my breakups taught me-

I learned to love myself through adversity. And through loving myself, I have found a sort of love for others, as well. Love in understanding. Love in tolerance. Love in the letting go.  […]

Real Luxuries

There is an expectation that has been creeping in on us to provide as much proof as possible that we are doing well. What seems to speak well is luxury designer items, recognizably […]

7 “side effects” of self growth.

There is so much beauty in becoming.  The glow that softly illuminates from your deepest center, flows its way through you until it’s pink in your cheeks, glistening in your eyes. The sturdiness […]

checking in: moving, mindset.

I am sitting here wondering what to bring to you guys this week. I skipped last week, on a count of us moving, and that always is a bit hectic. Last week I […]


Hello babes and welcome back to the anxious gals guide, where I share reminders that help to counteract and disprove anxious, disempowering thoughts. This week I wanted to bring two reminders that directly […]


Uncertainty is not preferable. Okay, maybe it’s fine when there’s minimal chance of anything going wrong. Like, in a nice restaurant with an amazing dessert menu, you can confidently straighten up with a […]

meeting “the mark.”

How wonderful it has been to spend my twenties online, finding myself, building up, breaking down, changing and changing, all over again, in front of everyone. Just rebranding, if you will. The first […]


Each day, I look down to see my small breasts where they usually are, the poke of my stomach, and these familiar skinny feet. And I remember it’s not just a dream, it […]


This is me, setting solid footing for new, intentional steps, more honest and moving goals, and a healthy challenge to self. This is a fresh start, prompted by clarity, and to be upheld […]

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For the record, I asked james for some help and he wrote me the, “im a f***ing baddie” one 😂 these actually have really helped me in the past so I’m doing them again! Tell me your favorite affirmations!! #affirmations #womensmentalhealth #confidencetips #mentalhealthtips #personalaffirmation

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