Beauty Blog: Headband Wig Review, Thanks to LUVME hair!

First of all, HELLO!

Welcome back to the blog, and if you’re new here, I welcome you as well! Either way, so grateful you’re here. We were WAY overdue for a new blog, and a new beauty blog, especially! If you have ever been curious about headband wigs or protective styling, you are in for a treat. Keep reading!

This blog is sponsored by LUVME hair, (and we love that! We love the support.) However, ALL opinions within this blog are entirely my own, and this is a genuine review of one of LUVME hair’s products and my experience trying: a gorgeous human hair head band wig. Lets dive in.

The Struggle:

I am slowly growing some length back in my hair, easing away from my beloved pixie cut. What makes this growing-out process the most difficult is dealing with the awkward in-between lengths. You can view this as several awkward phases, or a singular awkward phase that lasts several YEARS, for many of us. I find that at some point in the first 2-3 years of growing my hair back out, I am so exhausted of trying to find flattering ways to wear my hair in its natural state that I end up cutting it back short. 

Now, I can confirm that short hair is one of my BEST looks, (and tauntingly so!) I also really miss having my hair long and in its natural buoyant, crazy curls, which I haven’t seen thriving at length since I was in high school. I also particularly miss the ability to throw my hair into a quick ponytail or bun to leave my house, vs., spending a ton of time manipulating my short, increasingly thick, unruly hair with water and handfuls of holding product each and every day. There has to be a better way!

Another reason I struggle to successfully grow out my hair is I get SO BORED! I love switching my hair up, (as I notoriously always have,) and it can be difficult to keep my hands OFF my hair-especially when I’m not in love with it. 

I have explored many options when it comes to covering or working with an awkward hair length. I first started out with synthetic wigs, often lace front, then once I was comfortable with those I began investing in human hair wigs- to have the ability to wash, heat style, and retain my wigs for longer periods of time. I have done protective styles such as box braids, crochet braids, and feed-in braids, too. I have even learned to wrap my hair a few different ways. I always keep my eyes peeled for new ways to save time, protect and style my hair.

The Solution:

Well, if you share in my struggles at all, I have wonderful news for you. I may have just found the easiest wig EVER, and it is so flattering! Drumroll… Please allow me to introduce our blog sponsor: LUVME Hair!

In full transparency, I have purchased every single one of my human hair wigs from LUVME hair, long before ever knowing I would partner with them. When I wear their quality wigs, they always attract curiosity and compliments. And I have always gladly told all my friends and family to check them out! When they reached out to me to review their headband wig, I was ecstatic to try a new protective style AND work with a brand I genuinely have had great customer experience with. I just love it when things work out this way!

What I’m wearing:

The headband wig I chose was the Mix Color Curly High Density Wig in 16 inches. For me, this was a very natural-looking deep wave, curly texture and length. I was so excited to see how it would be to wear a wig without fussing with any lace or glue. 

I have ordered from LUVME hair before, so their speedy shipping and beautiful packaging was no surprise to me, but it really never gets old. You are never left to seek out missing wig-care supplies when you order from them. Wigs ship in a royal purple box and bow, and inside includes: 5 beautiful, stretchy headbands in various colors and designs, 2 wig caps, a satin hair wrap, bobby pins, tweezers, an edge brush, a stylish iridescent supply pouch, a spare elastic band, and even spare velcro strap pieces, should yours ever break or wear. 

The hair quality was superb, I love the natural dark brunette base color, which perfectly emulates my natural hair color. It also has some subtly gorgeous caramel highlights throughout which elevate the look that much more. There was minimal shedding, and the curls were full of life and bounce as I dampened them and styled with my regular curly hair mousse. Side note: I have worn this wig several times now at the time of writing this blog, and it has proven to be so adorable, incredibly natural-looking, and unbelievably convenient. I even tried a half up half down style today and loved it! 

The Install:

This wig was so easy to install, I dampened my natural hair and slicked back my front area with gel. I also chose to style my edges before putting the wig on, which you can do either before or after- whatever suits you. (SIDENOTE: So nice that you actually leave your natural edges OUT with this wig, no tugging, shedding, or unnecessary irritation on that delicate area, and no funky hairlines!) After slicking my hair in place, I opened the velcro strap, flipped my head over, and secured the backcomb down at the nape of my neck. I then secured the front combs where I wanted the wig to sit along the headband area. Lastly, I secured the velcro strap in the back. That’s it! No lace, no glue, no hairdryer necessary, and no wrapping or waiting whatsoever. I like to re-dampen the curls and work a little mousse in to refresh the style day-to-day, but it really takes no time at all and has been a lifesaver. I really thinking about buying a couple more for variety!

So if you have ever been curious about headband wigs, don’t hesitate and try one! And of course, I definitely recommend you try LUVME hair! They have so many color and texture options—so you can go for something natural or you can easily and stylishly try on a whole new look. I always say certain things are worth the investment, and for those who wear wigs for daily styling, I recommend you have at least one quality human hair wig in your collection. LUVME is a great place to upgrade your hair journey, and for some of us, your hair grow-out journey! I wanted to mention as well that LUVME Hair accepts Klarna and Afterpay, has highly responsive and considerate customer service, and super fast shipping. 

I hope this blog clued you in if you’ve ever been curious about LUVME hair or headband wigs, or reassured you if you wanted to take the plunge on this lovely style!

I know I have gotten SO much use out of my headband wig in such a short period of time, I know you will too!

My headband wig (modeled in all photos)

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More wellness and beauty blogs are always on the way! Thank you for your patience! Please leave comments or send me a message without hesitation if you have topic requests! 

Until next time, sending love!


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