Beauty Blog: Unboxing my premium pixie care kit from Pixie Care Co!

the contents of this blog are in sponsored partnership with pixie care co., however, all opinions are mine!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I have a very special post— this is my first ever beauty oriented blog and I’m so excited to say that it is a post that is in collaboration with Pixie Care Co! 

As many of you know, I am a short hair girl. I have had a pixie cut of all varying lengths, colors and styles for my whole adult life and I am definitely a reference point of short hair info, inspo and community on my Instagram @katrisharose– where we chat a lot of hair care and beauty information there. I’m very excited to bring more beauty and lifestyle posts to! You can expect to see more blog posts like this to give you my tips, recommendations, reviews and experiences with certain products and methods to add value to your beauty routines.

Without further adieu, I am going to tell you about my premium maintenance kit: a specialized pixie care kit from Pixie Care Co. I did an unboxing video on my Instagram today, so here I am going to go into more detail as to what exactly is included in this kit, what and who it’s for, and how this can really benefit my fellow shorties (short hair friends) perfect their styling and maintenance routine. 

Pixie Care co sent me a wonderful premium maintenance kit, see below everything that was included:

  • 4 heat resistant salon grade carbon styling combs, including a tail comb, barber comb, and comb with a pick end
  • 10 pin curl clips
  • Mesh hair wrap
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Steam-Resistant shower cap
  • Travel case 
  • Pixie Pillow with satin pillowcase
  • Touch up flat iron (mini straightener with bevel shape for short hair!)
  • Heat resistant travel pouch 
  • Foaming wrapping lotion
  • Lightweight spritz for hold
  • A style maintenance guide so you know exactly what to do with everything!

It’s safe to say you are fully covered to protect, style and maintain your pixie with this kit. I do want to make a note to say that the exclusive pixie care co foaming wrapping lotion and lightweight spritz are sulfate free, paraben free, alcohol free and cruelty free. We can really get behind a conscious, quality product, and that’s just the cherry on top of such a well curated, hair care package. 

So who is this kit for?

Anyone with a short style could benefit in many ways from the supplies included in this kit. Daily protection and preservation of style is made so much easier by the mesh hair wrap which holds your style in place to set or while you sleep, the satin hair bonnet for protection against breakage, and the steam resistant shower cap to preserve your style against water and humidity. These are all items I can see myself using frequently! Let us not forget about the pixie pillow with the satin case! This pillow supports your neck and positions your head in a way to keep your style from flattening or becoming undone while you sleep. They have thought of everything.

Additionally, I would say this kit is especially for those who love wearing their pixie in smoother sleeker styles, those with looser hair textures or relaxed hair, and for those who enjoy a nice finger wave look. The foaming wrapping lotion is a reliably researched and formulated product specialized for short hair. (side note, have you ever heard of or owned a styling product that was MADE for short hair? It’s like, finally! Thank you!) Along with that sleek theme, they’ve included a mini hair straightener with a heat resistant travel pouch. (Your combs are heat resistant too, so no more melting combs!) It’s tight quarters when you’re styling short hair with heat, but Pixie Care Co has considered and covered every step of the way. 

Then you also have your lightweight spritz which I think would apply to any kind of style. I plan on using it for both heat and non-heat styling as you guys know I like to wet-style my natural texture often.

I know how much of a learning curve it can be to go short, and it’s taken years for me to get where I am with my current styling routine. I talk a lot with women who are considering going short or have recently gone short, and there is definitely a need to know what tools you use, how to use them, and where to get them. That’s why I think this kit is so amazing. It’s such a great introduction to short hair styling to simplify that tricky adjustment to short hair, giving you everything you need without many failed styling attempts with irrelevant tools, bad products, or back and forth trips to the beauty supply store. 

All in all, (if it isn’t super obvious,) I definitely recommend this kit to my fellow shorties, and I encourage you to follow Pixie Care Co for all things pixie care. Special shout out to pixie care co for sponsoring this blog and bringing this wonderful kit into my life!

Check them out here: instagram / facebook /

Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests for beauty and lifestyle blogs in the future, is growing into something amazing and I hope you all will follow along for the ride.

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